Spanish Fork Junior 9th Graders Get Softball Wins as Lady Dons

by Kayla Larson, Frosh Coach

The SF freshman softball team played a double header against Grantsville last night and won both games.

Briley Young pitched the first game and had 12 strikeouts. Sam Cowden, Lindsey Smith, Marae Condie, Aislyn Sharp, Amanda Mitchell, Julia Hult, Briley Young and Kiera Leonard had a pair or more of singles each with McKinley Harrison and Marae Condie both hitting doubles to get a 12-0 win.

Aislyn Sharp pitched the 2nd game with 6 of her own strikeouts in another 12-0 win. Aislyn Sharp had a pair of singles. Lindsey Smith, Amanda Mitchell Ruby Campbell and Briley Young all hit doubles before the game ended early due to weather.