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Spanish Fork Junior High Orchestra Teacher Featured in National Magazine

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 07:29
By Lana Hiskey & Chad Criswell

Nebo’s own Spanish Fork Junior High’s orchestra teacher, Angela Harman, was recognized by the “Teaching Music” magazine in the October 2015 issue.  

Chad Criswell writes, “Almost every music education classroom can be enhanced in some way through the use of technology.” He goes on to spotlight Angela’s innovation with technology from iPads and apps to GarageBand software.

Angela said, “I hook the iPad up to GarageBand and use it to keep a beat or play an accompaniment that makes ‘Twinkle’ a lot more fun.”

One of Angela’s favorite apps is NinGENIUS for the iPad. NinGenius turns note identification and fingering drills into a fun, martial arts-themed game with varying degrees of difficulty. Results are saved in a way that allows the teacher to view the play history and stats for individual students. 

One thing to mention is that, “the technology teachers use is never the primary source of instruction. Instead, it is brought in to enhance or reinforce specific problem areas with which their students need assistance.”

Who knew technology with music could be so much fun? That is just what the students say about Ms. Harman’s class, “She makes it fun!”

Angela has been asked to attend the national convention this month as a guest presenter.