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Teacher Feature: Mrs. Myers

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 09:48
By Madi Welling

Can you guess who this teacher is?  This is her first year teaching full time at SFJH but her fifth year teaching. She teaches CTE Introduction, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, and FFA students. If you guessed Mrs. Dobson you are wrong! If you guessed Mrs. Myers you are correct!

Here are some fun facts about her.  She likes to spend time with her husband and little girl, clean, cook, shop, and ride her horses. Her horse’s names are Tears, Lance, Chance, and Beamer. Horses must like Mrs. Myers because neighbor’s animals come and stay for a little bit and then leave back to their owners.

Mrs. Myers loves the fall and Halloween, but does not like the winter! She is left handed like some of the kids here!

Mrs. Myers loves getting up in the morning, excited to teach her subject!

A random fact about Mrs. Myers is that when she eats candy she has to have an even amount before she puts all of them in her mouth!

In Agricultural, she teaches about livestock, plants, natural resources, and much more! Her FFA students get to go to the State Fair, the Denver stock show, a Kentucky race horse farm, and assorted state contests. She uses for her FFA students.

Mrs. Myers would love for you to participate and sign up for her class.