Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Elaine Peterson

by: Laura Carter

The faculty at Spanish Fork Junior High School has chosen Elaine Roach Peterson to represent their school for Nebo SecondaryTeacher of the Year!  Mrs. Peterson has created and teaches Public Speaking, United States History, and is involved with many responsibilities at our school as well as other district assignments.    In her teaching philosophy statement she writes, "I love teaching, and most days I would do it for free.  I believe learning should be challenging and engaging.  It is my goal to create a classroom environment where students learn to express themselves through writing, speaking, and creative projects so they are able to make connections to their world.  Teaching is not about the teacher, it is about giving to our students.  The reality is the more we give to others, the more we receive back.  Our students are never in our debt.  This is an endless cycle that happens day after day, and year after year.  I have received so much from watching my students succeed.  It is an honor to be a teacher in Nebo School District."   We are so proud of Mrs. Peterson and wish her well in the district selection for Secondary Education Teacher of the Year.