Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week

Book Club Problem
Answer:  12 months.  When one person is host, three others could be the snack provider.  Each person gets a chance to be host for three months, each month with a different snack provider.  In total, there are twelve different host/snack combinations. 

Winners: Kyle Bartlett, Makaylee Bryson, Caden Critchfield, Angela Cook, Dax Davis, Spencer Deveraux, Lacey Gardner, Tanner Gates, Andrew Gunyan, Kylie Hales, Brock Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Morgan Olson, Mason Olson, McKailey Robb

The Jelly Bean Problem 

The local high school was trying to raise money for a class trip by having students pay $1 to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar.  Adam guessed there were forty-three, Bill guessed thirty-four, and Carl guessed forty-one.  One person was off by six, another was off by three, and another was off by one.  How many jellybeans were in the jar?