Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


…And the Pies Have It!!

None.  4 + 8 + 12 + 16 + 20 = 60.  Because this total is the exact number of pies sold, there could not have been any pies sold on the first day.

 Winners: Hans Anderson, Holden Bayless, Broc Bennett, Ethan Blake, Erica Bramall, Aspen Carter, Tiffany Chan, Sara Chandler, Phoenix Collins, Colby Davis, McCade Davis, Katelyn Gappmayer, Ethan Graham, Nathan Gunyan, Porter Hall, Mason Halliday, Xander Henry, Aliah Jack, Daylan Jack, Garyn Jensen, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Tracee Jones, Hannah Justice, Nathan Lawrence, JJ Marsigli, Keven Paladini, Jordyn Pearson, Valeria Pelayo, Enoch Pendleton, CJ Pierce, Morganne Price, Naomi Rawlins, Ty Reese, David Riding, Matthew Whitaker, Aly Whittaker, Josie Wright

 Teacher: Mrs. Phillips


Dracula’s Party

Dracula had a Halloween party on Saturday. At his party he served Root Beer and  Pumpkin Juice. One-half of the guests drank Root Beer, one-third drank Pumpkin Juice, fifteen people drank nothing, and nobody drinks both.

How many people were at the party?