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Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 05/02/2016 - 06:19


Answer:   John goes to the beach by bike, Fran goes to the park by bus, and Carlos goes shopping by walking

 Winners: Hans Anderson, Braydon Banks, Mallory Bingham, Alexandra Byrd, Isaac Chappell, Mia Colton, Natalie Combs, Chandler Creamer, Gage Fevold, Ethan Graham, Porter Hall, Bryce Harman, Taggert Harrison, David Heap, Xander Henry, Aliah Jack, Jacob Jenks, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Rylee Kirk, JJ Marsigli, Greg Olson, Timothy Olsen, Enoch Pendleton, Ethan Powell, Ty Reese, Gideon Rockwood, Avery Steele, Hunter Swenson, Sydnie Thomson, Logan Waters, Josh (Ms Lee), Gavin (Ms Lee), 

Teacher: Mrs. Goates


Annie the dog loves to run. When we were walking home one day, she ran ahead of us, went all the way home, and then came back to meet us. She then ran back home again and came back to meet us. She did this three more times. Each time she came back, she met us at a point half-way from where she had left us. If she started running while we were about half a mile from home (2400 feet), how far, in feet, did she run total by the time she met us the fifth time?