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Zombie Haiku Winners!

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 11/07/2011 - 12:34
by: Mr. Joe Anson

Here are the winners of the Zombie Haiku Contest 2011:
7th Grade:       
1st place           Katherine Weber
2nd place          Natalie Wilcox
3rd place           Aidan Dayton

 8th Grade:       
1st place           Haley Bechthold
2nd place          Rebecca Fabis
3rd Place           Laci Radcliffe

9th Grade:       
1st place           Carlie Northup
2nd place          Hailey Boggess
3rd place           Israel Prestwich

1st place           Mrs. Stacy Hayward
2nd place          Mr. Eric Ferrin
3rd place           Mr. David Thacker

 I’m a zombie man

I can’t do the thriller dance

Cause my parts fall off

                        (Katherine Weber)

On Halloween night

Zombies might knock on your door.

They don’t want candy.

                        (Natalie Wilcox)


My friend looked so hot

I just couldn’t resist her

So I ate her. Yum!

                        (Aidan Dayton)


Death lurks in his eyes.

He looks starving from the wait.

That’s too bad…for you.

                        (Haley Bechthold)


Run! Scream! Call for help!

Anything to get away

Oh no! It’s too late

                        (Rebecca Fabis)


They rise from the dead.

They speak in hidden riddles.

They’re coming after you.

                        (Laci Radcliffe)


Everyday zombies.

Kidneys act as chewing gum.

Sweet, sweet chewing gum.

                                    (Carlie Northup)


rancid smell, footsteps

oh crap, uncle bill is back

for his Ipod touch

                                    (Hailey Boggess)


I am a zombie

I love to play Pokemon

Got to eat ‘em all!

                                    (Israel Prestwich)


Putrid, oozing brains

Splattered with congealing blood

Zombie spaghetti

                                    (Stacy Hayward)


Brains are easier

to be found on Halloween.

Zombies now blend in.

                                    (Eric Ferrin)


On a quest for brains

Zombies roam the empty halls

Feeding when class ends

                                    (David Thacker)