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Teacher in the Spotlight

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 08:03
By Tori Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

Do you know our school librarian, Mr. Huff? If not, here are some interesting facts about him.

           His dream job was to be an undertaker, and he reached that dream when he became the owner of a mortuary. After 14 years he sold it to become a teacher.

CTE Students Experience Zoo-Mania

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 07:56
By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

For ten years, Zoo-Mania has inspired children to follow their dreams to becoming marine biologists, zoo keepers, small animal and exotic animal veterinarians, and many other professions dealing with animals.

Instead of viewing the animals through glass Zoo-Mania enables kids to view the animals up close.  Sometimes they even get to pet the animals, like Tank the Tortoise or Hercules the Snake.  Even Waldo the Green Winged Macaw loves to play with students!

SFJH Women’s Tennis Ready to Serve It Up

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 07:55
By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

This year’s girls tennis teams for SFJHS seems like a great group of girls!  The Lobo Howl would like to congratulate the team.  Here is this year’s roster:


Alli Brinton, Andrea Findlay, Karley Holmes, Kenzi Hancock, Madi Wanner, Nicole Hair, Sydnie Davis, Tessa Christensen

Junior Varsity

Alison Damon, Amanda Ith, Aubree Beckstrand, Bailey Smith, Cierra Memott, Elsie Wilson, Emily Miller, Jamie Andrews, Laruen Gammel, Amanda Taylor


Amanda Taylor, Becca Fabis, Courtney Billat, Katie Stutz, Kimberly Bramall, Lindsey Olsen,

Spanish Fork Frosh Hold Opponents To Zero

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 07:54
By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

This year Spanish Fork High School’s freshman football team has been doing amazing!  They have won all of their games, making them undefeated.  Their Head Coach is Aaron Hupes, with Coach McGwire, Moses, and Jones as assistants.  They’re doing a great job at coaching these players.

Jason Money, QB, and David Matheson, defensive tackle and left guard, report that they have been practicing all summer four times a week, doing stretches, one on one drills, and scrimmaging.

Danny Badger and Others Run for Salem Cross Country

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 07:52
By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

“It’s hard on me. . . but yeah, it’s fun,” was among the things Danny Badger said about being on SHHS Cross Country Team.  He, along with three others from SFJHS, joined Salem Hill’s Cross Country Team.  So far they have had three meets: the Pre-Region Invitational, the Utah County Invitational and the Grass Relays.  At press time, they were looking forward to going to the Wasatch Invitational on Saturday, September 10th, at Solider Hollow.

Kaitlin Hallam is a Winner!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 12:30
by: Mr. Trent Syme

Kaitlin Hallam has won again with her Science fair project: Pig Crazy.  She has won a place as a Semifinalist in the 2011 Broadcom MASTERS™, a program of Society for Science & the Public.  The honor places Kaitlin among a select group of 300 Semifinalists named from more than 6,000 nominees throughout the United States. This is a well-earned distinction for Kaitlin.  She  will be receiving a gift card from Walmart and the sponsor teacher Mr. Syme will receive Elmer's merchandise for the classroom.

2011 Awards Assembly

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 05/24/2011 - 14:33
by: Laura Carter

Thursday, May 19, Spanish Fork Junior High School honored its finest students in an awards assembly.  Each department nominated its top students to receive a certificate of honor.  The school and other organizations honored students for their outstanding efforts in academic and social excellence.

Ninth-Grade Assembly

Kwanis  Hope of America Award

Spanish Fork Jr. High presents "Sing Ye Joyful" the spring concert the evening of April 28, 2011

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 09:37
by: Keith Wilson - Parent of a Spanish Fork Jr. High student

It felt like it was the 4th of July, and we were at a tribute to the USA and our history.  Wait, it was a tribute to the USA, just not on the 4th of July.  It was the combined Choirs presentation of "Sing Ye Joyful" the spring concert the evening of April 28, 2011.

The little theater was packed and the concert goers were not disappointed. Each of the choirs (Chamber Choir, Women's Chorus, Concert Choir) all had their unique roles. Two SFHJS speech students presented their winning speeches as part of the program as well. 

Poetry Slam Winners

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 08:03

Spanish Fork Jr. High conducted its 1st annual poetry slam on Wednesday May 18, 2011. The students who participated read memorized poems in a variety of categories and were challenged by the judges during the competition to create an impromptu poem using the line "I Hate Summer".

Here are the winners;

Ammon Flint - Comedic

Chad Peterson - Dramatic

Cameron Sokol - Original

Chase Dietz - Impromptu "I Hate Summer" poem

and these are the other 26:

Emily Wilson

Westley Cook

Jeremy Thacker

Jeff Hall

Bethany Davis


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