Ghouls In The Making!

Photos and story by Brad Gibson
Ghoulish Arms

The Art Club is an after-school club on Wednesday afternoons that goes until 4:15 PM. The Art Club is run by Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and it meets in the Lobo Den right after school. The cost is FREE! … and the purpose of the club is to promote a growing appreciation of Art in our community and school and to encourage creativity.

To join Art Club you just need to get a Boys and Girls Clubs form from the front office, have your parents fill it out and sign it and then you are in!

Last week, we made tape sculptures of our arms and hands. We used clear tape and packaging tape to wrap each finger, hand, and arm. It was tricky to cut the tape off after we were done wrapping. We thought this was a perfect activity to get ready to decorate for Halloween. There’s nothing scarier than a ghost arm!

This week (Wednesday, October 4th), you can choose to make a papier mache pumpkin or a papier mache shrunken head! Come join the fun!