District Poetry Slam

By Tanner Fraser

On May 10, the Spanish Fork Junior High school Poetry Slam winners went to Salem to compete in the District Poetry Slam. Ten poets from each school competed in the Poetry Slam adding up to a total of 41. The kids in our school were Corbin Jensen, Madyson Lott, Cambree Oyler, Aeris Eastland, Maddie Haugen, Holley Larsen, Joey Moleff, Sam Whitaker, Makenna Wilkinson, and Tanner Fraser. As the competition began there was a lot of excitement and a little bit of nervousness as each contestant went up. One thing that happens during slam poems is, when you agree, appreciate, or enjoy what the contestant was saying, you could begin to snap. Although some of our contestants were nervous, each one performed extremely well and had a lot of fun. They all hope to do as well next year.