Veteran’s Day Assembly

by Emily Gwilliam

All week we celebrated Veteran’s Day at SFJHS. Several ways we did this were by veterans’ pictures hanging up in our front windows, and the art classes drawing pictures of soldiers. Also, the quote in front of the office was, “Home of the free because of the brave.”  On Nov. 11, we had an assembly in honor of Veteran’s Day. It started off with the veterans doing the flag ceremony and Miss Provstgaard beautifully singing the Star Spangled Banner. Then, we had two students read their stories that they wrote for Veterans Day, and Principal Christensen spoke about veterans. Then, we watched a slideshow of the veterans related to students at our school. After that, we had the best part of the day. Coach Carlson introduced Governor Herbert, and we learned that the governor is Coach Carlson’s Uncle Gary! Governor Herbert showed us a slideshow of him visiting veterans as part of his job. Governor Herbert spoke to us, and some students asked him questions they had come up with. The 9th grade orchestra played patriotic songs that they worked very hard on. Caleb Pollock played Taps and the flags were retired. All in all, it was a great day to celebrate those who have worked and do work to protect our country for us.