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Hope Week Round-Up

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 15:45
By Callie McGuire (student)

January 13-17 was HOPE Week. It is a week hosted by our school’s HOPE Squad focused on what they stand for which is suicide prevention and anti-bullying. During the week, students participated in fun challenges, like White-Out Monday and Wear Your Favorite Team’s Jersey Tuesday.  

I personally am on the HOPE Squad so I get to experience the great things that the HOPE Squad stands for. HOPE Week helps me remember that I’m not alone and that in the end everything will be ok. So HOPE Week is a good thing.  It gives challenges and helps us remember why life is worth it.

These were the week’s challenges that were just an awesome extension to HOPE Week.

Monday: Wear white

Tuesday: Wear a team jersey

Wednesday: Class color

Thursday: Decade throwback

Friday: Hawaii Day:  wear beach-bum clothes and sunglasses

During HOPE Week, there were also lunch activities. Monday was karaoke, and the HOPE Squad had a disco ball, and a karaoke machine with an iPad to play the songs. Tuesday everyone was challenged to make a new friend or get to know someone they have wanted to meet or talk to. Wednesday was probably my favorite lunch activity:  creating a giant poster about suicide prevention and having hope. People could choose to stamp their hand with paint and put their handprint on the poster, then write their name next to their hand. After you would get a wristband that said “Have HOPE and Strengthen the Pack.”

Also on Wednesday we had a guest speaker named Dustin Smith come talk to the students. Thursday’s lunch activity was a photo booth, which was really fun for all the students and faculty. On Friday there was a scavenger hunt that was so cool and such a great idea. The scavenger hunt was around the school and many students participated.