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New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Robin White

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 09:00

Hi, I'm Mrs. White! I am from Richmond, Virginia, but I have lived in Utah for 14 years.  I have three beautiful kiddos, two girls and a boy, ages 10, 9, and almost 8. We have 2 dogs, Rosie Posy Puddin’ Pie, the sweetest Springer spaniel EVER, Good Boy Blue, our 13 week old mutt, and Charlie Bandit, our cross-eyed cat!  I had a student ask me last year why I chose to be an English teacher, and my response was because when we study human nature through the microscope of literature and discuss meaningful topics, we can improve ourselves as humans.  Plus, there are so many skills learned in English (communication, writing, public speaking, analytical thinking etc.) that are applicable to every field of study, and every industry.  My hope is to have students leave my classroom feeling brain fatigue because their minds have been expanded, viewpoints challenged, and perspectives broadened...and maybe feel some writer’s cramp as well.  In addition to my passion for English, I obsessively taste test products in side-by-side comparisons: Mr. Pibb is DEFINITELY superior to Dr. Pepper, Skor bars are better than Heath bars, Cafe Rio wins over Costa Vida, and the list goes on! I love interior design, I love movies and documentaries, and I love laying by the pool on a hot summer day.  I am so excited to join Spanish Fork Jr. High’s faculty, and can’t wait to create memories with faculty and students alike! Here’s to the unknown, and figuring it out together! Cheers!