LOBO UPDATE 12/10/18

Parents, Students, and Friends -


Start gathering your loose change! December 10-14 will be our annual Penny Wars fundraiser. Bring your silver coins to boost your 2nd period class's score and bring pennies to "penny-bomb" other classes! There will be daily challenges and prizes for the winning class. The donated money will go to help students right here at SFJHS buy a new pair of shoes. 'Tis the season for giving and nothing is better than helping those right here in our own community!

Collin Kartchner Comes to SFJHS

by Benjamin Dimmick

Collin Kartchner came to our school this week to tell us about the dangers of social media and how to use it wisely. The assembly started with Principal Christensen introducing the one and only Collin Kartchner. When he came up you could tell already that this was going to be a fun assembly. First he introduced himself and his family, cracking jokes along the way that almost everybody laughed at. Then he got down to business. He told the story of how his wife, Lizzie Kartchner was once a frequent Instagrammer.

Short Play Extravaganza

By Jacob Insalaco

The Drama II class kicked off the holiday season with several short plays in the Short Play Extravaganza. They started working on these plays in the beginning of October, and their hard definitely work paid off in front of a packed house.

Parent Teacher Conference, December 6


Parents and Guardians,

Parent Teacher Conference will be held TOMORROW from 3:30pm-8:00pm.

We are going PAPERLESS for this conference and ask that you view your student's schedule on your phone or other electronic device. We will print as needed.  

 We look forward to visiting with you tomorrow night!

It's Officially The Holiday Season at SFJHS

Photos by Hadley Hebdon

One of the finest parts of the holiday season is the decorations. Today, Jones Lewis, Antonio Cerna, Maddock Morton, and Hadley Hebdon took it upon themselves to spice up the pine tree on the south lawn of the school by adding tinsel, bows and a wreath! 

What a fantastic surprise for all of us to see! Thank you guys!

Happy Holidays!

Teaching During the Holidays

The most important part of playing is watching for direction from the conductor. When all eyes are on the conductor, all musicians know what they need to be doing during the action of an arrangement, the change in a concerto, the drama of a development, the evolution of a musical essay, the maneuver of a melody, the counts of a cantata, or the movements of a manuscript.


Parents, Students, and Friends -


Parents, if your child has been tardy more that three times in any one class period this school year, he/she will be receiving a Detention Notice. This practice goes on throughout the school year as a consequence for tardiness, sluffing, and unexcused absences. It is important that students are on time for classes so they do not miss instruction and so classmates’ learning is not disrupted upon a late entry. The guidelines for detention are as follows: