January 2016

Graham Crackers Help Students Learn

by Rillene Nielsen

If you take a peek inside Ms. Harmer’s 7th grade Utah studies class, you might see something unusual.  Students use graham crackers to help them learn.

Ms. Harmer gives students grahams to help them learn about the three geographic regions in Utah.  Check out the students’ work.  Crackers are shaped into the state of Utah then decorated to represent the regions.

What a yummy way to learn.


SFJH Orchestra Needs Your Votes!

by Rillene Nielsen

It's time!  According to Jane Balek of the Give A Note Foundation, the  video contest voting pages are finally ready to go.  

In an email sent to Ms. Angela Harmon, our orchestra director,  Ms. Balek stated, “Voting will open tomorrow, January 28, 2016 at 8:00am Eastern and conclude at 11:59PM, Pacific Time on February 10, 2016!”

The website link will be active at 8:00am on January 28, 2016:  bit.ly/GANvote

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week

Relay Races

A relay team consisting of four runners – Anne, Bryn, Carmen and Dahlia – completed a race in 72 minutes. Anne’s leg of the race took 1/5 of the total time; Bryn’s took 1/3 of the total time; and Carmen’s took 3/10 of the total time. How many minutes did Dahlia take to run her leg of the race?


Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Make the GRADE

After completing part of an online test, Chris had correctly answered 80% of the questions he’d attempted. Then, he answered 13 of the remaining 20 questions correctly. If his overall average for the online test was 75%, how many questions were on the test?


Museum Walk and Author’s Visit Help 8th Graders Study Civil Rights

By Chris Thompson

Mrs. Thompson's English classes participated in the annual Civil Rights Museum Walk on the last day of term two.

In conjunction with their study of Getting Away With Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case, each student researched a picture from the civil rights movement and created a placard to display. As part of a post-unit study, author Chris Crowe will address students in an assembly during third period on January 28th and answer any questions they still have.

Ag Classes Learn Where Jell-O Comes From

by Chaleesa Warren with Rillene Nielsen

SFJH Eighth grade Animal Science students are learning about consumer products.  According to Ms. Warren, the origins of some products surprised some students. 

“Students made butter as they learned about the dairy industry and the products we enjoy every day,” reports Ms. Warren.  “Cooking T-bone and sirloin steak was a success after they had learned where those cuts actually come from on a beef animal.”