February 2016

SFJH Social Studies Teacher Uses Creativity to Engage Students

By Rillene Nielsen, pictures by Shea Harmer

 In her article “Why Creativity in the Classroom Matters More Than Ever,” (2015) Kristen Hicks urges educators (parents too?) to help their students think creatively as they explore new ideas.  She lists five ways creativity can be brought into the classroom:  Don’t limit assignments to just one format, Set aside time for creativity, Use tech to broaden your ideas of assignments, Introduce unconventional learning materials into class, and Encourage discussion.

Math Honors Field Trip

By Eric Ferrin

Today, February 26, the 9th Grade Honors math students had the opportunity to go to BYU to attend Engineering Technology Week.  They participated in several small competitions, each involving engineering and technology principles.  In addition, the students were able to ask questions of engineering students and professors as they gave them a tour of their various labs.  Some of the favorites of the students were the Virtual Reality Lab, the liquid nitrogen, the Water lab, and the Magic lab.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to see the mathematics they are learning put into ac

Seventh Grade Honors Math Discovers the Mysteries of the Golden Ratio

by Brittney Lee

In a recent unit of study, 7th grade honors math classes learned about appreciating math in every day life. They learned about how their bodies fit the golden ratio, and about all the different patterns in Pascal's triangle.

As part of their hands-on application, students used math to create art.  They picked a number and colored in the multiples of that number to see the pattern within a triangle.


Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Pythagoras Saves the Day

When Harper’s mom takes him to school, she drives 3 km east, then 7 km north.  When Salina’s dad takes her to school, he drives 2 km west, then 5 km south. When Harper and Salina walk home, they each travel in a straight line from the school to their respective homes. How much farther does Harper walk to get home than Salina?  Express you answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.



Some News About our Intramurals

by Colby Hawkins

Intramural soccer has ended and our championship team has been crowned. 

While soccer may be over, intramural volley ball and war ball will be starting on Monday February 29. If you are interested please contact Mr. Hawkins for information.