February 2017

Lobo Update 2/13/17


Parents, Students and Friends –

 A Reminder to Please Participate in Our School Effectiveness Survey

Last Wednesday, February 8th, you received an email from Troy Bohling for Nebo School District asking you to complete a survey regarding our school's effectiveness.  Please help us by filling out the survey between Feb. 8th and February 26th. The survey will also be available in Spanish. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here at SFJHS. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Ms. Phillips Class Eats Poutine

by Naomi Philips

Ms. Philips Special Education class is always doing fun and interesting things.  Here’s her report on this week’s learning experiences.

“This week we have been learning about Canada.  Today we made Poutine, a traditional Canadian snack.  It consists of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  The students were leery, but willing to try it, and guess what... they loved it!”

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Philips!  Poutine looks interesting.

SFJH Orchestra Teacher Publishes Article on Expanding Music Students’ Potential

by Rillene Nielsen

Mrs. Angela Harman, Spanish Fork Junior High’s extraordinary orchestra teacher, recently published an article entitled “3 Ways to Expand Your Music Students’ Potential.”  It appeared this week in Make Music, Inc.’s music blog for teachers, Smart Music (see link  https://www.smartmusic.com/blog/3-ways-to-expand-your-music-students-potential/ ). 

Seventh Grade Science Students Build Then Eat Molecules

by Rillene Nielsen and Emily Goates

Teachers at Spanish Fork Junior High know that engagement leads to discovery and learning.  That’s why seventh-grade science teacher Emily Goates gets creative when she teaches her students how elements bond together to form molecules.  Give her a few hundred toothpicks and big bags of multi-colored mini-marshmallows, and her students will know the difference between H2O and CH4 in no time.

“Students were excited to make edible models of molecules today!”  Ms. Goats reported this afternoon.  Then she explained how students make connections.

SFJH Sending Twenty-Six Students to BYU Science Fair

by Nate Bartholomew

The science department is very proud of our district finalist winners invited to the state science fair at BYU!  40 science projects winners from Nebo School District (7 junior highs and 5 High Schools) advance to BYU.  Sixteen of the 40 (40%) were from Spanish Fork Jr. High. 

Our 9th grade winners were:  Lauren Ethington, Thomas Heaps and Grant Johnson, and Aeden Dayley.

2017 SFJH Science Fair Winners Announced

by Nate Whitney

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Spanish Fork Junior High Science Fair award winners! 

Our overall winner from both grades is 8th grader Ethan Graham​. Our 8th Grade winners are: 1st- Bruce Huntsman, Ethan Binks, and  David Riding; 2nd- Katelyn Gappmayer and Taylor Gull; 3rd- Corinne Orton, Isak Bartholomew, and  Bobbie Carter.

Our 9th Grade winners are: 1st- Grant Johnson and Thomas Heaps; 2nd- Aeden Dayley; 3rd- Sarah Doerr, Emily Monroe, and Lauren Ethington. 

SFJH Lady Lobos are District Champs!

by Coach Shea Harmer

The Lady Lobos took on the Payson Grizzlies in the Nebo District girls’ basketball championship on Tuesday night at Salem Hills High School. The gym was filled with students and parents all cheering the Lobos to victory. The first half was plagued with nerves and turnovers for the Lobos but after a quick half time break, the Lobos spring to action and finally began to settle in to the game. It was a hard battle and the score was close for 3 1/2 quarters.