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Emily Goates Wins Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/21/2016 - 14:55
by Chris Thompson

Emily Goates was awarded this year's Crystal Apple Award by Horace Mann representative Craig Harvey during faculty meeting Monday, December 19th. Colleagues who nominated Goates as this year's recipient wrote the following:

"She is an amazing teacher, nobody does her craft better than Emily. She also is an adviser for the student council and helps with our musicals every year."

"Emily works tirelessly to make sure that her students are actively engaged in science by incorporating many hands-on experiences in her classroom. She is highly organized and motivated to continually improve her teaching. She also builds a strong relationship with her students to help them to feel comfortable and safe in her classroom."

"Emily is very successful at her role of being the only person responsible to teach science to the 7th grade students."

She is "great at knowing exactly what students needs are and helping them learn all the material needed."

"Talk about dedication! Talk about going the extra mile! Talk about being there for students! Every Sevie here at SFJH passes through her door and is influenced by her. Her test scores show that despite the overload of students, she successfully prepares them to pass end of level testing with flying colors."

Congratulations, Emily.  We are proud of your efforts to help all students at Spanish Fork Junior High become learners for life!