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Fun Run

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 09/23/2013 - 11:53
Rillene Nielsen
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Fun Run
Fun Run
Fun Run
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Fun Run
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Fun Run
Fun Run
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Fun Run
Fun Run

Spirit week ended with a Fun Run.  Runners form all grades as well as faculty members tied on their running shoes and ran a mini cross country event of 1.8 miles.

The top finishers—all with a time of 10:39—were Heston Andersen, Devin King, and Nate Hanson.  Mrs. Vanessa Heber, one of our English teachers, was just a few strides off the lightning pace set by these three young men, and was the first faculty finisher.  All those who finished were given bananas and water—just the thing a runner craves.

Below are the top runners in each grade level by gender.

Boys Girls Staff

9th Grade

Heston Anderson

Nate Hanson

Devin King

Nathan White

Aiden Perry

9th grade

Taya Hoover

Amanda Olsen

Miranda Hickox

Victoria Wood

Nicole Ivie

Mrs. Heber

Mr. Bartholomew

Mrs. Mansfield

Mr. Millman

Mr. Fleming

8th Grade

Casey Livingston

Andrew McCann

Spencer Cable

Dusty Williams

Locke Brown

8th Grade

Sofie Czarnecki

Madelynn Roundy


7th Grade

Wyatt Evans

Connor Patey

Tanner Olsen

Dallas Eyere

Ethan Gunn

7th Grade

Melaya Huffaker

Ziya Lockhart

Amanda Insalaco

Katey Huntsman

Jessica Olsen