Hikers See Cave of Wonders On Annual Scramble

Story and pictures by Garrett Johnson

Sixty-one brave souls came out for the annual fall hike up the Mt. Loafer Switchbacks, on Thursday Sept. 14th. 

The weather was cloudy and cool as they loaded the bus to head to the trail head.  The hikers traveled to Woodland Hills where they tackled the Mt. Loafer Switch backs, a 3 mile round trip journey. 

All hikers made it to the top easily where they were able to enjoy great views, lunch and time with friends.  After a good break at the top, they descended the mountain.  When they neared the bottom, their fearless leader, Coach Johnson, took them to explore a small cave-- the cave of wonders as he called it.  Many crickets filled the dark cave and the temperature inside the cave was significantly cooler than outside. 

The hike ended as the group pulled into the parking lot.  All that came enjoyed great views, good company, and made memories for a lifetime.