Pack Time Begins Tomorrow

Spanish Fork Junior’s Pack Time is designed to motivate and give help to students who may need extra support or are struggling academically. Its purpose is also to reward students who consistently do well in all of their classes at school. 

Each day (except for Mondays) students will have the opportunity to attend either an intervention or an enrichment experience.

• All Students receive a mini-report card during 2nd period that shows their current grade in all classes.

• Students who are passing all of their classes with at least a C will have the opportunity to participate in an enrichment activity of their choice. The activities may include athletics, clubs, games, movies, computers, arts, crafts, public speaking, poetry slam, writing for publishing, and socializing.

• Students who are deficient in a class are required to attend an intervention in order to receive additional instruction or to make up work. They must attend the class in which they are deficient; in the case of multiple deficiencies they should attend the priority class for that day.

• If students have a passing grade but need to make up or re-do work for a class, with teacher approval, they may choose to attend an intervention in place of enrichment.

• If a teacher needs a student to make up or re-do work they may request that the student attend their intervention time in place of enrichment, regardless of the student’s graDE.

TO VIEW THE PACK TIME SCHEDULE, go to Parent and Student Information in the menu to the left and click on Pack Time Schedule.