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Relay Race Helps Social Studies Students Show Their Understanding

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 06:03
by Rillene Nielsen and Shea Harmer pictures by Shea Harmer

SFJHS teachers know that engagement is key to understanding.  Mrs. Shea Harmer wanted her students to understand how important the agricultural products of the New World were to the European continent during the age of exploration and be able to recognize those items.  After students studied the foods, they were able to show their knowledge in a very unique way. 

“So this was a relay race we did for the Columbian exchange,” reported Mrs. Harmer. “The teams had a stack of cards with pictures of different foods on them. They had to decide whether the food was from the old world (Europe) or the new world (America) and then drop their card in the correct bin. Whichever team had the most correct won and the fastest team got 3 extra points. It was just a fun way to see if students were understanding the material and get them moving too.”

 Thanks for sharing what you’re doing in your class Mrs. Harmer.