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Short Play Extravaganza

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 11:44
By Jacob Insalaco

The Drama II class kicked off the holiday season with several short plays in the Short Play Extravaganza. They started working on these plays in the beginning of October, and their hard definitely work paid off in front of a packed house.

The first play, Haunted House, is about a brother and his sister who move into, unbeknownst to them, a haunted house. The ghosts run around at night, throw a rubber ball at people, and change all their food into nuts and bolts. But the two siblings refuse to leave even after all that the ghosts do to both them and the others in the house. Hannah Kersch and Becky Lucas do a great job portraying their characters, Mrs. Grub and Mrs. Tiggin, respectively.

The second play, The Mystery at Malford Manor, is about a mother and her two children who move into a house owned by the mother’s friend. Shortly after moving in, a pearl necklace is stolen! One of the maids has to catch who did it before her friend is taken to jail. The up-and-coming actors in this play do a fantastic job of letting us see the mischievous side to their characters.

The third and final play is a retelling of The Little Princess. This is a story about how a little girl copes with her father’s death and how a mean lady forces her to live in an attic and eat scraps. Because the little girl is so kind to everyone in the town, they take matters into their own hands and come to her rescue in the end. Grace Forbush and Ally Marks stood out from the cast by giving stellar performances.

Not only were the actual plays good, so too were the student actors. Notwithstanding being new to acting, they memorized all of their lines and acted in front of a large audience. The set managers also did a great job by transforming the stage to create a realistic backdrop for these young actors. The lighting technicians contrasted colors and utilized varying degrees of light to create an environment that drew in the audience so they could experience the emotions portrayed on stage. And finally, the makeup artists did a great job making the young actors look older and believable.

Altogether, these novice actors did well in the spotlight. They proved that they have what it takes to bring entertainment to the stage. And they put together a wonderful extravaganza of short plays in just two months. Bravo!