Teacher in the Spotlight

By Victoria Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

Do you know Mr. Bass? He is a science teacher for 8th and 9th graders and has been teaching here at SFJHS for 22 years. The Lobo Howl interviewed Mr. Bass, and discovered some cool facts.

           One of the questions we asked was, “What is your most embarrassing teaching moment?” He replied, “I came to school and was teaching first period before I realized I was only in underwear.  Actually this was only a dream but the memory of that dream still scares me.”

4-H Helps Tabitha’s Way

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

A couple weeks ago, the 4-H program at our school sponsored a service project.  The goal was to collect coats for Tabitha's Way.

Tabitha's Way is a local non-profit Christian thrift store looking to help the less fortunate. Tabitha's Way opened its doors in 2010.   Wendy Osborne got the inspiration for the store when reading Acts 9:36-42.  She felt it was important to open the store to help others in need. Osborne will only charge people $1.00 for a coat, but only if they can afford to pay. The $1 goes to help pay the rent for the building.

Faculty Teacher of the Month

By: Janelle Slater

Congratulations to Mr. Ferrin! He has been awarded Faculty Teacher of the Month for November. There were quite a few amazing nominations sent in for him. Here they are:

Eric Ferrin is always willing to help with computer issues--Brad Dayton

Eric Ferrin because he runs around solving all our computer issues and still manages to teach his classes--Katrina Davenport

Red Ribbon Week at Spanish Fork Junior High School

Nick Trotter

Red Ribbon Week at Spanish Fork Junior High School was held October 31 through November 4.  Monday was Halloween, so students were asked to dress in red.  The Junior Honor Society visited their classes and rewarded students with some candy to start off their day with a slow dose of sugar for the night to come.  A Pie-Eating contest was held during both lunches in the cafeteria.  Two students from each grade and two teachers competed to down some pumpkin pies in a hurry.  Mr. Bartholomew and Mr.

Zombie Haiku Winners!

by: Mr. Joe Anson

Here are the winners of the Zombie Haiku Contest 2011:
7th Grade:       
1st place           Katherine Weber
2nd place          Natalie Wilcox
3rd place           Aidan Dayton

 8th Grade:       
1st place           Haley Bechthold
2nd place          Rebecca Fabis
3rd Place           Laci Radcliffe

9th Grade:       
1st place           Carlie Northup
2nd place          Hailey Boggess
3rd place           Israel Prestwich

Red Ribbon Week - And Then Some

Red Ribbon Week will be October 31st - November 7th.  Here is the schedule:

Monday, October 31st:  Wear Red Day
Pack Time: The National Junior Honors Society students will be coming into each class to hand out candy to students who are dressed in red.  The NJHS will also be reminding the teachers to show a little anti-drug commercial the NJHS students put together in honor of Red Ribbon Week and to announce the anti-drug poster contest. They will also give you details about a contest where you can make your own anti-drug commercial!

Teachers Receive Over $900.00 in Books After Book Fair

By Madeline Stocks—Events Editor

The week of September 23rd to the 29th was our PTA book fair! For the first four days, the book fair was held in the library where students could go during pack time, before school, or after school to browse or buy. On the last day, it was moved to the lunchroom for the parent teacher conference. There were many books bought by students, and the most popular ones seemed to be Margaret Peterson's Found and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Here are brief overviews of these books:

Your Top 5 Eye Color

By Olivia Christian

If you read The Lobo Howl’s last Top Five story, you would remember that we took a survey of guys’ and girls’ favorite physical feature about the opposite gender.  Since eyes were the favorite feature last time, we used that as the starting point for this issue’s question:  “What is your favorite eye color?”  We surveyed ten boys and ten girls and recorded their answers.

Working For a Reason: A conversation With Mr. Dave Huff

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

“Kids need to learn to do things for the right reason,” Mr. Huff told The Lobo Howl.  Reporter Ashlee Johnson sat down with Vice Principal Dave Huff to find out what his top concerns were for SFJH students.

“[Students] need to work with their teachers and do the work when it’s given. In junior high, external stuff doesn’t help; you have to do it for yourself,” Mr. Huff explained, “Use your class time doing assignments.”