U.S. History Field Trip

By Tori Crane
U.S. History Field Trip

On March 12, 90 U.S. History Students attended a Naturalization Ceremony in Salt Lake City.  The students received a better understanding of how fortunate they are to live in America and what a great country America is.  Our students witnessed what was the best day of 457 new citizens lives.  Better yet, two of our students, Hailey Hullinger and  Bennett Brinton, were privileged to speak about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the beauty of America.

What's happening this week? March 17 - 21


Monday, March 17th, Just a Great Day
• Tuesday, March 18th Republican Caucus Meetings
• Wednesday, March 19th, 7am Professional Development Meeting, 2:10pm Department Collaboration, 2pm Coaches Clinic @ SFJHS
• Thursday, March 20th, Stars Assembly, End of Term 3, Democratic Caucus Meetings
• Friday, March 21st, Parent Conference Comp Day, No School

9th Grade Orchestra Receives Superior Rating

by Angela Harmon and Rillene Nielsen
9th  Grade Orchestra Receives Superior Rating

The Spanish Fork Junior High 9th grade orchestra attended the district wide orchestra assessment on March 11, 2014.  Our orchestra played extremely well, receiving a "1" superior rating with perfect marks in all categories, including tone, intonation, rhythm, expression, and articulation.  The judge Denise Willey praised the performance and worked with the group for a few minutes in perfecting a couple of crescendo markings. Well done!

Fight The New Drug!

By Rillene R. E. Nielsen
Fight The New Drug!

We all agree that drugs, alcohol, and tobacco harm the brain and are addictive.  Today, students at SFJH learned we should add one more substance to this list—pornography!

Fight the New Drug is an organization whose mission, according to its website, is “to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using science, facts, and personal accounts.”

What's happening this week? March 10 - March 14

  • Monday, March 10th, Just a Great Day
  • Tuesday, March 11th, 8am Nebo Orchestra Assessment, 3pm LPIC
  • Wednesday, March 12th, Band and Orchestra Recruiting, History Field Trip to State Capital, 9am Principal’s Meeting, 2:10pm Department Collaboration
  • Thursday, March 13th, Band and Orchestra Recruiting, Literacy Promise Conference, 7pm Orchestra Concert
  • Friday, March 14th, Literacy Promise Conference, Drama classes to Diamond Fork Musical

Mr. Anson's Poetry Winners


1st Place Winner: Jaxon Judd, 7th grade

 “Ninjas of Love”

 The night is black.

Ninjas are, too.

If you were a samurai,

I would fight you—

 Quick like a cat,

And silent like a dove,

Swinging a sword of passion

And the ninja stars of love.



2nd Place Winner: Jensen Lewis, 7th Grade

 My love for you is like ice cream and mustard:

No matter what you do, it just doesn’t work.

 When I look into your eyes

Everything gets creepy and I throw up.

GettyReady “Learn the Address” - Essay & Video Contest

GettyReady “Learn the Address” - Essay & Video Contest

What is the “Learn the Address” Essay and Video Contest?

KBYU Eleven invites Utah students to enter the GettyReady “Learn the Address” Essay & Video Contest in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. This contest is an opportunity for Utah’s seventh through twelfth graders to express how they can live the Gettysburg Address after having learned it.

What's happening this week? March 3 - 7

  • All Week—National School Breakfast Week, Come try school breakfast in the cafeteria.
  • Monday, March 3rd, Read Across America Day, 3:30pm School Community Council
  • Tuesday, March 4th,
  • Wednesday, March 5th, 7am Team Leader Meeting, 2:10pm Department Collaboration
  • Thursday, March 6th,
  • Friday, March 7th, 10am PTA Meeting, 8:45am and 9:45am Fight the New Drug Assembly (schedule coming)


By Richard Huff

Sunday March 2 is Dr. Suess's Birthday.We would like you to celebrate with the library on Monday, March 3 in Read Across America.We have a large collection of Dr. Suess Books in the library. Come in and check one out for Monday. Have a great weekend and remember Monday is READ ACROSS AMERICA!