October 2015

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Marble Mayhem

 Fred, Ginger, Julio and Dawn decide to play marbles.  Fred empties his bag of marbles and divides them equally among the four players.  Everyone gets at least one marble.  There is one marble left over.

 At that moment, Jake joins them and asks to play.  They gather up all Fred’s marbles and redivide them among the five kids.  There is still one marble left over.

 Just then, Maria arrives and wants to play so they gather all the marbles again and redistribute them equally six ways.  There is still one marble left over. 

Reading Challenge Term 1

By Mrs. Parker

It’s not easy to beat Mrs. Parker in the 7th Grade Language Arts Reading Challenge, but every year at least one student does. This year it was Isabel Francis. Isabel came in first place having read 26 books or 8,403 pages compared to Mrs. Parker’s 25 books or 7,474 pages.

Online Coding Camp


Are you interested in learning how apps or electronic games work?  Or how websites or software programs operate? If you are interested in learning the language of computers (computer coding), starting in November Nebo School District is offering after-school classes for students in grades 4-9 in various locations throughout the district.  Please click this link for further information or to register for coding camps.  

Spanish Fork Junior High Orchestra Teacher Featured in National Magazine

By Lana Hiskey & Chad Criswell

Nebo’s own Spanish Fork Junior High’s orchestra teacher, Angela Harman, was recognized by the “Teaching Music” magazine in the October 2015 issue.  

Chad Criswell writes, “Almost every music education classroom can be enhanced in some way through the use of technology.” He goes on to spotlight Angela’s innovation with technology from iPads and apps to GarageBand software.

Angela said, “I hook the iPad up to GarageBand and use it to keep a beat or play an accompaniment that makes ‘Twinkle’ a lot more fun.”

Ravenous Readers—Episode II

by Rillene R. E. Nielsen

Today, seventh graders in Mrs. Nielsen’s second pod were excited. In fact, excited might not even be the right word—let’s use ecstatic!

Yesterday, pod 2, the smallest of Mrs. Nielsen’s classes , inched past pod 3 on the 100 Book Chart. They were really jazzed over this accomplishment because pod 3 is the biggest class with 31 students. “We’ve been behind them all term,” commented one student. “Now we only have two books until we reach 100!”

Seventh Grade Utah Studies Students Re-live History

By Rillene Nielsen and Shae Harmer

Here’s the latest in from Mrs. Shae Harmer’s seventh-grade Utah Studies classes:

“On October 22, we had the opportunity to go to “This Is the Place” historical monument as a 7th grade social studies class.  We learned things about the work blacksmiths did.  We visited a Native Americans village and learned how mountain men survived in the wilderness.

7th Grade Honors English students take the “Julian Challenge” to make a difference

By Mrs. Parker

After reading The View From Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg, Spanish Fork Jr. High School 7th Grade Honors English students have the opportunity to take the “Julian Challenge” and make a difference. Here are some of the experiences they shared: