November 2015

Girls Basketball Roster


2015-2016 Girls Basketball Team

  • Courtney Davis
  • Ellie Jeppson
  • Aunika Minson
  • Maya Yeates
  • Alyssa Chandler
  • Megan Hansen
  • Riley Jaussi
  • Taelyr Skollingsberg
  • Kristin Rhees
  • Ashtyn Harrison
  • Tessa Clayton
  • Katey Huntsman

 A big thanks to those who tried out and for all your hard work!


Boys Basketball Roster


Congratulations to those that made  the boys basketball team, they include:

  • Blake Benhoff
  • Bryce Boyer
  • Hunter Nielsen
  • Mason Nielsen
  • Parker Swenson
  • Tanner Olsen
  • Taye Newman
  • Trey Loftin
  • Tyler Clayson
  • Tyreese Williams
  • Tyson Massey
  • Noah Conway

Thanks to all of those that came to try outs and for all your hard work!

Lobo Update 11/11/15


Parents, Students and Friends –

 Thank You Veterans

This Veterans Day SFJHS wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who have contributed so much to the freedom of this nation and our community by serving in our armed forces. We sincerely appreciate and honor your service!  

 Parent/Teacher Conferences Date Change

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Jelly Bean Problem

 The local high school was trying to raise money for a class trip by having students pay $1 to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar.  Adam guessed there were forty-three, Bill guessed thirty-four, and Carl guessed forty-one.  One person was off by six, another was off by three, and another was off by one.  How many jellybeans were in the jar?


Bitten by the Book Bug

By Mrs. Parker

Congrats to Mrs. Parker’s 7th Grade Language Arts classes who have been bitten by the book bug. In Term 1 they read a total of 475 books. Books bring people together, so share a book with a friend.

Ninth graders recently had an opportunity to attend a field trip to the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

by Russ LeMmon

Ninth graders recently had an opportunity to attend a field trip to the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.  The students were treated to a tour of the grounds including an introduction to the various animals and how the farm helps the temple be self-sufficient.  Students were then invited inside the temple where they participated in a presentation that focused on the culture of India and a few of the beliefs of Hinduism.  Afterwards, students were invited to the top of the temple were they received further instruction regarding the importance of religious mantras and participated in a yoga cla

SFJH Student Part of Championship National Rodeo Team

by Rillene Nielsen

What do you think when you hear the words Spanish Fork?  For many in Utah, Spanish Fork means rodeo, which is why it’s no coincidence that youth from Spanish gravitate to and excel in the sport.  Here at SFJH we have our own rodeo celebrity—Jade Rindlisbacher.

Jade recently returned from a huge championship competition where Utah’s Junior High Rodeo Team represented the state against teams from all over the country, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  The team, consisting of thirty-six teens from across the state, took the national title. 

Old vs. New

by Rillene Nielsen

Back in September, when it was sunny and warm, Spanish Fork Junior High’s Student Council organized an “Oldies vs Newbies” outdoor assembly to introduce the student body to the many brand new faculty members on staff this year. Various games and field event pitted the new teacher against the “old timers.”

While the more seasoned faculty smoked the newbies at tug of war, the new faculty members came out on top overall.