October 2017

M&Ms Help 9th Graders Learn Their –Isms

Story and Pictures by Lois Terry

Ms. Terry’s 9th grade Geography classes were “Playing with Economic Systems” today.  They had recently learned about three different types of economic systems and had this opportunity to test their knowledge with some rousing games of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  

They got to experience Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism using currency that was equal to one M&M.  The students had a lot of fun while getting to understand firsthand what each economic system was all about.  Mr. Mortensen even joined in on the fun.

What Do We Do Over Fall Break?


Monday's question to many of you as you return to school may be, "What did you do over the fall break?". I followed the SFJHS custodians and found they do a lot to keep our school clean and running smoothly for our 1,200+ students, faculty, and staff.

Seventh Graders Learn Math Can be Fun and Games

Story and Pictures by Allyson Brooks

SFJH students use their writing, math, and art skills to create one of a kind board games!

Students in Miss Brooks’ 7th grade honors math class were given the task to create a game that requires students to practice all operations of integers.

Students used English/Language Arts skills to write clear and organized directions.  Many included artistic influences for the games themselves.

Everyone had a great time teaching other classmates how to play their games. Mr. Youd’s students even joined the fun by allowing our classes to teach the games to them.

Friday the 13th Lucky Day for SFJH Cyclists

by Garrett Johnson. Pictures courtesy of https://intermountainhealthcare.org/services/wellness-preventive-medicine/live-well/move-well/healthy-hikes/find-a-hike/spanish-fork-river-trail/

On Friday the 13th, students gathered in front of the school to set off on an awesome biking trip.

The group left the school and headed for the river trail in Spanish Fork. When they made it to the trail, they biked to Canyon View Park where they ate lunch.

When lunch was over they rode the rest of the trail down to the SF sports park and then back to the school.  All that were involved had a great time despite a few flat tires and broken gears!  It was a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy an exciting ride!

Intramural Basketball Champs!

Mr. Garrett Johnson

The Basketball Intramural was a huge success this year.  There were many teams that signed up but only one prevailed in the end.  The Team (self-named TEAM) came out victorious after a hard fought battle.  The Team found themselves down one game in a double elimination tournament.  They had to beat the opposition twice to win the title.  They were able to win two games against a very good opponent and take home the championship. Team consisted of: 

Ms. Warren’s CCA Class Makes Cereal Selling Interesting

By: Sam Whitaker (student)

On September 28, Ms. Warren’s CCA class started a project to design, develop, and manufacture a cereal box and commercial. They are also giving sales pitches to ‘convince’ their classmates to buy their product. This is a two week project that multiple students are saying is “The best school project we’ve done this year!”

Seventh Graders Experience Utah History

Story and photos by Alyse J. Freeland

Recently, the seventh grade Utah Studies classes had the opportunity to visit “This Is The Place Heritage Park.” 

 They were able to push handcarts, learn about Native American culture, go on a train ride and learn about Mountain Men. It was an awesome day learning more about Utah!

Gummy Bears and Government

by Shea Harmer

How do you show students that government is a huge influence on culture through –out the world?  With gummy bears, of course.

Mrs. Harmer's 9th grade geography classes were able to create different types of governments using gummy bears.  Some of the governments created included democracy, communist, anarchy, and monarchy.

Lobo Golfers Take First at District Finals

by Nate Bartholomew Photos by Matt Christensen

The Spanish Fork Junior High Golfing Lobos were out on the links at Gladstan Golf Course in Payson on Monday October 9.  The team was there to compete in the district finals for golf. 

 Jackson Rhees, Noah Taylor, Bryce Bingham, and Kaleb Feland made up the Lobo team. 

 Our Team took 1st place with a combined score of 264, beating 2nd placed Salem by 15 strokes. 

 1st place overall was Jackson Rhees with a round of 78, followed by Noah Taylor in 2nd place with a score of 88. 

We’ve Got Mail!

Story and pictures by Chris Thompson

Eighth grade English students wrote letters to two separate companies last month: one offered a compliment while the other tactfully lodged a complaint about a specific product. Every day students are hearing from these companies thanking them for their feedback and praising them for taking the time to write an “old school” letter. So far, Mrs. Thompson’s students have received everything from trampoline covers to t-shirts, binder organizers, stickers, and coupons!