School News

Mr. Dayton’s Tech Classes Harness the Power of the Sun

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

For the past few weeks Mr. Dayton and his 6th and 7th period classes have been building, designing, and racing solar powered cars. The classes seemed to enjoy building their own cars and getting to race, especially those taking home wins!

Students used kits that contained small pocket sized solar panels, thin wooden blocks, plastic tires, motors, and small plastic gears to build their cars. Students cut, sanded, painted and assembled their own cars. After they were built, students tested their cars and made any final changes to their designs.

Advice for Our New Sevies: Things Every 7th Grader Needs to Know

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant-Editor-in-Chief

Sevies, we know you're new to junior high—not too long ago we were too! Think of us as your older siblings; we are here to watch out for you.  Here is some advice we have found useful.

As your older siblings, we can help you with anything!  Ask for help from the 8th and 9th graders you see. Another option for getting help would be your counselors. They help with many problems like bullying, schoolwork, and teachers you don't get along with.  Many students from previous years have received tremendous amounts of help from our counselors and their problems are long gone!

Teacher of the month - October

by: Elaine Peterson

Mrs. Sepos was awarded Faculty Teacher fo the Month for October. This great accomplishment was given to her by her fellow teachers. Here are some the nominations sent in for Mrs. Sepos;

"I would like to nominate Michelle Sepos for Teacher of the Month. Michelle works very hard in helping her students succeed before school, during school (even in between classes as she helps her students get to their inclusion class) and devotes many hours after school on her studnts' behalf." - Mr. Russ LeMmon.

Song Writing Competition is over!

by: Sharon Hopkins

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Song Writing Competition this year. We had great participation and appreciated all the song writers at our school. Each participant will receive feedback from the judges and a certificate. We would now like to announce our winners. (Drum roll please...) Sariah Lee, Kaitlin Adams, Zach Hansen, India Quist, and Hailey Boggess. Congratulations to you all! During the assembly Tuesday we will enjoy hearing each of these song writer's original songs.

Successes of the Spanish Fork FFA Chapter

By: Tiffany Myers

We are getting ready to travel to the National FFA Convention next week and we have some neat things going on while we are back there.  We will be receiving our National Chapter Award, which only 5 chapters in the state receive each year.  There are a handful of students who will be picking up their American FFA Degree, the highest degree a FFA member can receive.  We also feel honored to have a student from our chapter running to be a National FFA Officer, Amberley Snyder.

Antelope Island Field Trip

by: James Hubbard

On September 27, 2011, two busses of excited 7th grade students left SFJHS for a field trip to Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake.  On the bus trip to Antelope Island, students pointed out important Utah landmarks like the Bingham Copper Mine.  Once at Antelope Island, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Bake took students on an amazing hike to the top of Buffalo Point where they enjoyed jumping around on huge boulders, exploring caves, holding a snake, looking at a big scary spider, and finding what looked like Native American rock art. Meanwhile, Mr. Jackson and Mr.

The Field Day

By Mrs. Drollette’s class

            Mrs. Drollette’s class went to a field day on September 29th at Mapleton Jr. High. We competed against classes from Jr. Highs across the district. Some highlights were the high jump, 100m race, archery, peer tutors, and dance.

            The high jump event was a blast. As Alexis Fisk reports, “it’s fun to land on the soft comfy mat.” Alexis won first place in this event for the girls, jumping over 4 feet. Her classmates were excited for her.

Meet Your News Staff

By Rillene R. R. Nielsen—Publisher

The newspaper staff is proud to bring you another issue of The Lobo Howl.  If your class, club, or team is making news, please let us know. We’re serious about news and want to report on you!

Spirit Week—A Big Success

By Sawyer Hamilton—Reporter

Spirit Week kicked off on Monday September 19th with Sports Day.  Students showed up in jersey's or other clothing displaying their favorite sports teams.  Tuesday was Clash Day.  Many students wore clashing outfits.  This was one of the most successful days the week.

Spanish Fork Junior High FFA Goes to Utah State Fair

By Madeline Stocks—Events Editor

September 16th our school's FFA took a field trip to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City.  They got to see many animals including, goats, sheep, cows, bunnies, and the strangest animal of all; the emu.  The emu is the second largest bird in the world and comes from Australia.  Some members of FFA described it as looking like a large ostrich.