Tickets for the annual trip to Lagoon will go on sale next week! Lagoon day will be May 28. Busses will leave Spanish Fork Jr. at 8 am and return at approximately 4 pm. The price will be $45 for admission to the park and the bus ride. You will need to provide your own lunch.

Remember, in order to go to Lagoon you must not have any unpaid fines or any unserved detentions.

What's happening this week? May 5 - May 9

  • May 5th-May 9th, National Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Monday, May 5th, 10am PTA Meeting, 12:30pm SCC Meeting at HuHot, Names due for the awards assembly
  • Tuesday, May 6th, UVU Choir Festival, 7pm Orchestra Concert and Awards, 7pm Concert Band Pops Concert @ SFHS
  • Wednesday, May 7th, 7am Team Leader Meeting, UVU Orchestra Festival, Noon Retirement Lunch (Congratulations to Mr. R Huff and Mr. Loveless), 2:10pm Team Collaboration, 2-5pm Technology Team Training at D.O.

Going back to the Past

Shane Waters

On April 17th, eight graders from Spanish Fork Junior High School went on a field trip to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. They toured the Museum of Ancient Life. “That’s crazy!” some of the students stated as they walked under huge fossilized dinosaurs towering over them. “How would you like to go fishing for that?” as one boy pointed to a huge boney fossilized fish with large protruding teeth behind a glass case. The students spent about an hour and a half touring the museum and then another half hour looking at the new Tinkering exhibit.

Spanish Forks New Spring

Shane Waters

On April 1st, ninth graders from Spanish Fork Junior High, got a close up view of how they get their drinking water. The Earth science classes went on a field trip to Spanish Fork Canyon to see a spring being developed for culinary water use for the city of Spanish Fork. The spring is located below Covered Bridge. John Waters, Spanish Fork Water Division Manager, gave the students a guided tour of the new spring. “Do you see that mountain side over there?” as he pointed towards the other side of highway 6, “That is where the water shed is located for this spring.

Poetry Slam Winners!

By Rillene R. E. Nielsen

What do you get when you take 55 junior high student, ask them to memorize a poem of their own choosing, then ask them to perform it in font a crowd of parents and peers?

One awe inspiring Poetry Slam! Congrats and thanks to all who setup, took down, worked behind the scenes and in front of the curtain, those who ran errands, created and printed programs, coached, prodded, and promised bonus points to students if they would only give it a try.

Most of all, thank you students for your performances and the passion with which you delivered your poems.

What's happening this week? April 28 - May 2

  • Monday, April 28th, A day of great instruction and tons of learning, only 5 weeks to go.
  • Tuesday, April 29th, 7th grade student council speeches at Pack Time, 3:30pm Tennis vs. DFJHS @ SF Sports Park, 6-8:30pm Poetry Slam
  • Wednesday, April 30th, 2:10pm Team Collaboration, 2-5pm Technology Team Training, 3:30pm Tennis Intramurals @ PHS, 7pm Drama Class Plays
  • Thursday, May 1st, 8th grade student council speeches at Pack Time, Fashion Strategies Field Trip, 7pm Drama Class Plays
  • Friday, May 2nd, 2pm Track @ SHS, 7pm Drama Class Plays

What's Happening This Week? April 21-25


• April 21st-25th Secretaries Week! Stop in this week and express your appreciation to the secretaries.
• Monday, April 21st, A day of great instruction and tons of learning.
• Tuesday, April 22nd, 3:30pm Tennis @ MNJHS, 3:30pm Tennis Intramurals @ SaJHS,
• Wednesday, April 23rd, Secretaries Day!!, 2:10pm Team Collaboration
• Thursday, April 24th, 7:45am Captain’s Academy, 3:30pm Tennis vs SaJHS @ SF Sports Park, State Debate Tournament
• Friday, April 25th, 4th Term Midterm, 2pm Track @ SFHS

Congratulations to Mrs. Smith


Contratulations to Mrs. Smith, she has been nomainated as our teacher of the month.

Mr. Anson stated:

 I would like to nominate Mrs. Smith for teacher of the month.  Although she is new, she has established a positive presence in the classroom and exhibits professionalism in all she does with students, parents, and colleagues.  Her hard work is manifest in the long hours she devotes to preparation and Pack Time.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve the objective.


Mrs. Betts also wrote:

What's happening this week? April 14 - 18

  • Monday, April 14th, Welcome Back!!
  • Tuesday, April 15th, 10am PTA meeting, 3pm LPIC, 3:30pm Tennis @ SHS, Income Taxes are Due!
  • Wednesday, April 16th  7am Professional Development Meeting
  • Thursday, April 17th, 9am Principal’s Meeting, 10:15am Earthquake Drill, 3:30pm Tennis vs MJHS @ SF Sports Park, Science Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point
  • Friday, April 18th, “Red and Gray Day” to promote the student council elections for SFHS, 2pm Track @ MMHS