September 2015

Let’s All Scream for Ice Cream!

by Rillene Nielsen, pic by Chaleesa Warren

Ms. Chaleesa Warren, one of our new College and Career Awareness teachers, has been busy turning her seventh-graders into food scientists.  And what better way to experiment than with ice cream!

“We have been talking about careers in food science,” explained Ms. Warren.  “In class, students got to be food scientists and create their own ice cream creation.”

Hands –on Learning in 8th Grade Animal Science

by Rillene Nielsen, pics by Chaleesa Warren

This past week, students in Ms. Warren’s 8th grade Animal Science class were able to get an up close look at how circulatory systems work thanks to a student’s good aim during deer hunt.

Animal Science student Lance Shepherd brought in a deer heart from his successful hunt.  “We talked about the circulatory system first and how the heart works.  As a class we cut open the heart and looked at the different chambers and students were able to visualize what we had talked about,” explained Ms. Warren.

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week

Ostrich Llama Count (from last week)

33 Ostriches and 14 Llamas 

Winners: Hans Anderson, Holdy Bayless, Erica Bramall, Tiffany Chan, Sara Chandler, Katelyn Gappmayer, Taggert Harrison, Corbin Jensen, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Tracee Jones, Hannah Kenison, JJ Marsigli, Morganne Price, Aspen Seamons, Josie Wright



Our Lobos sure know how to run like the wind.

By Esther Zacharias

Last Friday, the Lobo Cross Country team ran their hearts out and it sure paid off. The boys took 1st place by a landslide and the girls took 2nd place. They missed taking 1st by four points. Our Lobos sure know how to run like the wind.

Congratulations to the top five boy and girl finishers who helped make our Lobo victory possible!

Spencer Bailey             Josie Wright

Enoch Pendleton        Emma Runolfson

Matthew Cable           Allyson Fernandez

Jacob Fernandez         Lindsey Blake

Ammon Beck               Kyra Feland

Lobo Update 9/16/15


Parents, Students and Friends –

 PTA Memberships​- Be Involved!

Parents and Students: It's not too late to support SFJHS PTA!  Your $5 membership directly supports a variety of student-centered activities at SFJHS - art and music events, book fairs, fundraisers, ribbon week, and more! - and encourages and enhances parental support of, and involvement in, student's educational experiences.  Stop by the office and pay in cash or check made payable to SFJHS PTA and receive a FREE discount card sponsored by local businesses that support PTA.

Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


Ostrich Llama Count

 Raul and Esteban just started working at their uncle’s farm on the weekends. Their first task was to count the ostriches and llamas. When they reported to their uncle,

Raul said, “I counted 47 heads.”

Esteban added, “I counted 122 legs.”

“How many are ostriches? How many are llamas?” asked their uncle.

Hope Squad


Our Hope Squad kids "Chalked the Block" for World Suicide Prevention day on Sept 10th.

Lobo Update 9/9/15


Parents, Students and Friends –

 Teacher Development Day - Early Out

We want to remind all parents that next Wednesday, September 16th will be a district wide minimum day for staff development (SDD).  No lunch will be served and school will be released at 11:15a.m. with buses running accordingly.  Please be aware of this early out so that you can make any necessary arrangements.

 ACT Explore Test

Math Problem of the Week and New POW


A Question of Speed Answer

Peter still won because he ran the 5-yard head start faster than Bill ran. 

Winners:  (Get your treat from Mrs. Coxson) Hans Anderson, Ethan Blake, Erica Bramall, Carter Frame, Peter Heap, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Lennon Murray, Jordyn Pearson, Morganne Price, Allie Tippets, Nathan Wright, and Mr. Palfreyman. 

See the above picture for the new problem of the week.