October 2011

Antelope Island Field Trip

by: James Hubbard

On September 27, 2011, two busses of excited 7th grade students left SFJHS for a field trip to Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake.  On the bus trip to Antelope Island, students pointed out important Utah landmarks like the Bingham Copper Mine.  Once at Antelope Island, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Bake took students on an amazing hike to the top of Buffalo Point where they enjoyed jumping around on huge boulders, exploring caves, holding a snake, looking at a big scary spider, and finding what looked like Native American rock art. Meanwhile, Mr. Jackson and Mr.

The Field Day

By Mrs. Drollette’s class

            Mrs. Drollette’s class went to a field day on September 29th at Mapleton Jr. High. We competed against classes from Jr. Highs across the district. Some highlights were the high jump, 100m race, archery, peer tutors, and dance.

            The high jump event was a blast. As Alexis Fisk reports, “it’s fun to land on the soft comfy mat.” Alexis won first place in this event for the girls, jumping over 4 feet. Her classmates were excited for her.